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I. Record Minecraft PE on iOS

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  4. I. Record Minecraft PE on iOS

Those are the ways on how to record Minecraft PE. You can choose any one depending on your device and needs. To record Minecraft gameplay with this app, here are the steps to follow. Download and run this Minecraft PE screen recorder on your computer.


The ultimate Minecraft Pocket Edition recipe guide - Crafting

In the meanwhile, to start recording the game, just click the red record button located at the left upper portion of the projected screen. Once done, hit the red stop button in the same position as the record button to finish recording.

And a folder will pop up with your recorded video in it. Record Minecraft PE on Android 1. Here are the steps on how to record Minecraft PE with this tool.

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Get and install this screen recorder on your Android device from Google Play Store. Open this app, and then, go to Minecraft PE. Tap on the overlay icon which floats on the screen to initiate the screen recording. To end the recording, you can pull down the notification tray and tap on the stop button. Alternatively, you can also tap on the overlay icon and choose the stop button.

After that, the recording list will pop up instantly with the recorded video in it. Conclusion Those are the ways on how to record Minecraft PE. Related posts: Last updated on December 23, Leave a Comment 1 Please input your name!

Save the World: Minecraft PE

Please input a valid email address! Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. Restoring, from this folder, overwrites all existing worlds on the iOS device.

How to Get Started on Minecraft Pocket Edition (with Pictures)

But it's possible to alter or merge backup folders before restoring. On Android it's possible to backup and restore one folder at a time. The "My Files" app gives direct access to the filesystem. You can keep your backups on the same device e. And the best of all: Minecraft Worlds are OS independent.

It's possible to restore an iOS backup on an Android device and vice versa. If you liked this Instructable, and you want to receive updates about future projects, you can follow me on Instructables , Instagram or on Youtube. Reply 1 day ago. Actually, I had thought that Microsoft would eventually make a solution for this. And I never thought about making an app for this. But because this is my most visited instructable! I have not yet tested your app, but it looks good in the app store!

Ok, I did this and backed up my iPad Pro. Next, Minecraft now is crashing at start the reason I learned how to back it up. So, after reinstalling MCPE the app worked. Once I add the worlds again the app goes back to crashing. Any clue? Is it a mcpe problem? Question 5 months ago. What if there are no worlds showing in the folder"MinecraftWorlds"? I got four worlds and suddenly one went missing but theres nothing in the folder?! Answer 5 months ago. And is there an SD card. I've installed MinecraftPE on an android 8 device. And it looks like the game data isn't stored on the SD card, only in the device's memory: Reply 5 months ago.

There are currently 4 worlds in the game, the fifth and the most important has disappeared. Like I said earlier, there should be at least 4 worlds somewhere, the question is where and is it possible that the 5th world is also where the other 4 are? Can you scan your entire device for files with the name: There should be 4 files, one for each world. As of July 22, , the instructions for iOS worked.

Instructions are simple, clear, and definitely not bogus! Question 10 months ago. Well, my last question may be unnecessary anyway. When it finally got done copying all of the files over, they instantly went away. Then I got a message from itunes saying: You do not have enough access privliges for this operation. Answer 10 months ago. Question 10 months ago on Step 5. My 9 year old daughter's ipad has a number of worlds that she paid for, and they are now locked again. It's telling her she has to use coins to purchase them. I have no idea why, and will this process work.

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I can see the folders for all of her worlds, and some of them are the locked ones. Thanks in advance. This was a great help. I searched and searched and tried other software unsuccessfully, sine I did not think you could do this through iTunes. It was a simple drag and drop of the entire games folder to add to the new device in iTunes. With the other software I could not do an entire folder at once. Thanks again. Hi, thank you for your very useful article.

I. Record Minecraft PE on iOS

I am trying to help my 9yr old son to back up his minecraft worlds. By following your instructions i have managed to back them up to my google drive but when we try to access them from the google drive on another device we are unable to. Please could you advice us on how to do this? Thanks Jane.

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  • Download Minecraft Pocket Edition - Best Software & Apps!

By Gosse Adema Follow. More by the author: Stop the Minecraft app before creating a backup. All your Minecraft Worlds are now stored on your computer. After saving the iOS or Andriod worlds, we have the following folders on the computer: Levelname Inside the [World folder] is a file named "levelname. LevelNa H: My World L I dont't recommend changing the LevelName outside the Game. Finally, to round off, a zipfile with 2 Worlds.

And they both contain a Village. Did you make this project? Share it with us!