Iphone 3gs battery drain on ios 6

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Activate Unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G to Fix Ultrasn0w Battery Drain Issue

Apple needs to either rectify this with a patc or allow customers a discount on an upgraded phone. The phone is pretty much useless unless it's connected to a wall outlet or laptop via the USB port. I'm disgusted!!! Oct 14, 5: Same problem - I took mine to the apple store. I think this is the only time I've heard of phones going completely dead after an apple update.

How to replace the battery of iPhone 3GS in 10 minutes!

Dec 4, 2: People seem to have different solutions. I tried all of these, like email push, location services etc etc, none of which helped. To test the solution, left the wifi on overnight again, result dead phone. So for us this is absolutely the problem. Seems that no one from Apple reads about these problems their customers have, or maybe they don't care.

Jan 26, 8: After erasing , restart iPhone and restore from the backup Earlier i used to get the battery backup upto 3 hrs, now i get more than 6 hrs and standby more than a day. Feb 26, 1: The battery drain issue for ios 6. If your location services are turned off, it would still search for time zone. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Jed Pon Jed Pon.

Anyone have same issues? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. It's really big headache. Azreen Azreen. I switched off the following: Rebooted the phone and all seems well. Back to your original question. I've never actually downgraded, but assume the process will be as follows: Alternatively - Download the 5.

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On Sunday evening I restored the phone to the Friday's backup, iTunes forced me to upgrade the OS to complete the backup. Strange thing is, I don't recall installing or upgrading recently, why did this problem kick in last week? Secondly, and this might be a red herring, I noticed the new phone had an unusually high data transfer rate considering it's been active for less than two days. Could the new OS be transferring data over the 3G network more than it should? You charge your phone overnight!

Newest iPhone FAQs

Since you have been doing this fro quite sometimes now no wonder your battery does not last. Your battery is probably toast by now. Charging the 3GS for three hours at most is enough to charge it fully, and as you said you charge it for say 8 hrs It is ridiculous, i cant even put my sim in another phone as it wont fit grrrrrr!!! Learn to use the device correctly and you pry won't have a problem. I bet if you were to actually check the setting in your phone and treat it like a smart phone not a standalone you'd pry understand how the battery works.

You fail loser. I pass from 4. Try anything from re-jailbreak to hard reset and nothing. Today I charged in the morning and start to drop fast the battery meter, so I connect the earphone and start to listen music via ipod and realized that the battery meter stop to drop. Hope this "tip" works for you. Otherwise, the phone is constantly trying to do "something" and he it is making big internet traffic.

I tried to fix the battery problem with SAM but failed. That day I tried to fix YouTube problem by installing PushFix from iphonemodding from more package sources in cydia and it fixed the YouTube as well as the battery drainage problem. I hade same problems with my iPad and I found this fix myself which worked like a chrm for me - http: Thank you very much for this, new to the iPhone and didnt know about double tapping the home button for the multi tasking thing, was wondering why my battery was being drained so quickly, turns out all the apps ive ever used were still being ran in the background, very helpful, thanks again.

This solutions was ok. But I;ll suggest to get more about iphone's battery dying problem and some great tips, tricks for iphone at http: How to Fix iPhone iOS 4. Newest iPhone FAQs. What is the screen size of the iPhone 11 models? When is the iPhone 11 release date? Get Ready for Evasi0n: Save iOS 6. Major iPhone Update iOS 4.

Apple Investigating iPhone 3. Add new comment Comments Full restore worked like a charm for two days. Now the battery problem is back. Thank you!! I had nearly all of my icons running! Usage - approx. I have iCloud syncyng turned off just Safari and Notes syncing , location services on. I think still the result is not acceptable - what do you think? Whats your usage statistics Adam? Hmm, hard to evaluate that, but it sounds like the 3G usage may be taking a lot more battery life, and I wonder if iCloud syncing could be the culprit for you - do you have iTunes Match on?

You might try a test with a clean install, but without even configuring iCloud.

Activate iPhone 3GS & 3G to Fix Battery Drain

Here is another thread showing corrupted bookmarks. So no high load caused by webbookmarks. No, I am not using iTunes Match at all. OK, I can try restore iphone again with no initial logging into the iCloud. Yes you mich be right, it can be also caused by weak 3G coverage bars of signal in my home and 2 bars in work so this is also can affect battery life rapidly. When the problem is iCloud it will be real problem as I have almost 5 Apple devices synced. I hope Apple will release the fix soon.

Weak cellular coverage can be problematic for sure, as the phone struggles to stay in contact - I believe cell phones will increase power usage in such situations. I can say now in my case it is not software or iCloud issue. I think I just got bad luck with this piece of phone. Also when I bought the power button was rattling when you shake your phone But now also th battery started rattling also Thank you anyway for your advice.

Sorry you got a lemon! It happens, and rattles in something as solid as the iPhone are a good indication something went wrong in manufacture. Honestly, I wouldn't expect any non-expert to be able to figure this out on their own, which was why I wrote the article and explained each of the things I tried. Well alrighty then! Brought my battery back to pre-iOS6 status.

3GS Battery drain with new IFixit replacement battery - iPhone 3GS

My issues began after updating my 4s. Thanks Adam. I wouldn't have known about DFU mode without your article. I've Googled that with no luck. Has anyone heard of this? I've seen it in DataMan Pro's app report for processes that have used data it never uses much but I can't figure out what it's from either. I would have guessed Google's new YouTube app, but I hvaen't had a chance to track that down.

I think it's some sort of Trojan horse; "FreeTube" is a porn term. Clearly the issue is widespread - I've been seeing it too, and some people have wondered on Macintouch. Most people who have this problem won't know it, though, because they don't know how to "look at their diagnostics". My solution has been to restore my iPhone to a clean state. So far, the problem has not returned. I'm building up my repertoire of apps slowly, so perhaps if the problem does return, I'll be able to work out what app caused it.

I don't know why the developers named it that way it kinda hints towards a sloppy development team, to be honest but I figured this out with the help of the iPhone Configuration Utility tool, where you can see that the app's identifier is edu. So that said, the app with the fishy name is something legit. The thing is that this app has been granted VoIP privileges in order to run in the background or actually to be automatically awaken by the OS at regular intervals because even though its main feature is keeping track of the data usage, it also implements a full blown VoIP client for the sole purpose of being eligible to this kind of privilege.

It actually needs to run in the background in order to update the current data usage stats. IMO that's a dirty trick which I'm surprised Apple's review team has allowed or maybe it just slipped through them , and it will certainly have some impact on the battery usage of the device, given that the OS has allow the app to run every 10 minutes aprox, even if just to use a few CPU cycles, but that means that the system is being awaken constantly rather than being allowed to enter into a power saving state.

Good sleuthing, Oscar! I wonder if that's how DataWiz works around DataMan's need to be launched before device powerdown and again after powerup. When you reset the phone do you loose ll your address book contacts? As my iPhone 4 has this battery issue problem. Not sure what to do. After several weeks of hugely frustrating battery drain I have been away from home and trying all of the location based fixes etc, I went to DFU mode and reconfigured phone from scratch.

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  3. Activate Unlocked iPhone 3GS and 3G to Fix Ultrasn0w Battery Drain Issue;

It is a bit of a pain to reinstall apps, music, photos etc but, hey presto, I have a working phone again. I was a smidge away from buying an Android device as a matter of principle. Have the same problem and it is the third major problem that I have had with an Apple product in twelve months.

The last problem was a complete stall when I transitioned to Mountain Lion, which required half a day to travel to and from the next Apple Store and a complete reset of my hard drive.