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  1. Mtn Village:: How To Boost Your Blackberry Battery Power with Battery Doctor App.
  2. Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012
  3. Top 10: Battery Saving Apps For Android - September 2016
  4. Maximize a duração da bateria do seu BlackBerry

Mtn Village:: How To Boost Your Blackberry Battery Power with Battery Doctor App.

Starting off the list today is Greenify and this is an app which will not need much of an introduction to some Android devices owners, and especially those who like to root their devices. That said, this is one which can be used by both rooters and non-rooters alike. Battery Doctor is exactly that.

An app which looks to identify where your device has battery draining issues and cure those issues. As well as providing some nice tweaks for improved and regulated charging, as well as providing you with information like an estimation on how much battery you currently have left. In a similar vein to Battery Doctor, this one will provide more detailed information about what is consuming your battery and help you to regulate the actions of those apps and services.

So this one will provide you with options like cleaning the memory to help improve speed and also the ability to monitor your mobile data usage, as well as all the battery saving tricks you would expect. Now, this is not an app which gets updated regularly, however, if you own a smartphone or Android device which makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, then this might be the battery app solution to go for. This is a Qualcomm app and is one which looks to learn your habits in more detail over a seven-day period before looking to actually help you better optimize your phone and of course, your battery consumption and usage.

Battery Doctor Pro - App Review

DU Battery Saver seems to be a very popular app among Android users and the Google Play Store listing even states that the app has over million users. So if you would like an app which has been tried and tested by a fairly sizeable number of users, then this might be the one to go for. Which means you can expect a very polished and thorough app here. Not to mention, this is another app which comes with a ton of additional features, so as well as helping to keep your battery clean, this one will also help to keep your smartphone clean in general.

Most of the apps that are designed to improve battery life take a 'monitoring' approach and Battery is no different. This one looks to monitor what is happening on your smartphone and provide information back to you so you can better control the levels of battery usage and consumption. This one also comes loaded with other preset modes which you can apply and let the app do all the work - including instantly killing battery-thirsty apps before they even launch in the background. This one will also look to provide you with estimated battery life savings on various aspects, like for instance, how much your battery could be extended by shutting down Bluetooth when it is not being used.

Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Closing out the list today is an app which takes a much simpler approach to improving battery life. As the name suggests, ShutApp is all about the shutting down of apps as a way to prolong the battery. So whether this is shutting down apps which consume a lot of immediate battery or shutting down those which consumer battery over a long period by running in the background , ShutApp will shut those apps down for you.

Top BBM Money v1.

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Junk Call Blocker v1. Junk Call Blocker is a smart application that adapts from your call list to allow you to select specific phone numbers to block. Save yourself the headache of having to deal with junk calls by blocking them with this app! Feature Overview: Silent Foto v1.

Tired of hearing the shutter sound effect each time you take a picture? Silent Foto allows you to take a picture the way it should be, with no annoying sound. Easily take a silent photo from within the application by pressing on the main button, this app is very easy to use. My Phone Status Premium v1. Finally, an application that allows you to quickly access your device status on a click.

This app will assemble all useful information about your device and will show it to you in comprehensible and lucid format.

Top 10: Battery Saving Apps For Android - September 2016

Senin, 25 Maret BatteryEx v2. BatteryEx v2. Berry Annoying v1. BerryAnnoying resolves a, well, very annoying oversight in all BlackBerry devices equipped with a digital camera: Just install BerryAnnoying and run it instead of the usual camera icon. Using BerryAnnoying is simple: This will ensure it will continue to mute the shutter sound. HomeScreen Widgets for BlackBerry v2. With all the important widgets on to the home screen, app provides a complete mobile actions just a click away.

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You don't need to explore the phone just in order to activate WiFi various other daily use widgets makes your device easy to use. We also provide different styles of themes for the homescreen making the application look the way you want it to ZonaSnap - Multipurpose Screen Capture v2.

Maximize a duração da bateria do seu BlackBerry

Screamager Phone v1. Turn your phone into an awesome LED matrix screen and show scolling messages and cool animations in many different colors and screen styles. Use it to get attention in the club, at school or at work. BX Battery Info is a simple app. The main screen displays the percentage of battery you have remaining and offers shortcuts to adjusting settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and mobile network.

You can set up alerts for to warn you when the battery level drops to a certain level or it gets too hot or cold. What do you think about BX Battery Info? Do you recommend it? It misses off some settings but BX Battery Info is handy anyway. View full description.