Samsung galaxy s2 disable startup sound

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  1. New startup sound with ICS - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket | Android Forums
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  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2015) - Turn Off All Sounds

Only When Not in Silent Mode: The Tab vibrates all the time unless Silent mode is activated. Though you can set the Galaxy Tab volume using the Volume buttons on the side of the gizmo, the Volume command on the Sound Settings screen lets you set the volume for a number of sound events. For example, if you want the alarms to be loud, and all those notification sounds to be rather mute, adjust the sliders accordingly. Notification Ringtone: Choose which sound you want to hear for a notification alert.

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The list of preset sounds for the Galaxy Tab is shown on the Alarm Tones menu. Choose a sound or choose Silent at the top of the list for no sound. Want to join in?

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New startup sound with ICS - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket | Android Forums

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Disable startup sound

Questions and Answers. To adjust the volume of your Samsung Galaxy Tab, just press the "Volume Down" button if you want to decrease the sound.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 For Dummies

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To enable vibrate mode, tap "Apps". Follow the rules of a certain place. Always keep in mind how you are affecting the people around you.

Prioritize personal interaction over virtual communication. My son turns the volume to max, how can I limit his ability to do this in kids mode? VisiHow QnA. Is there a vibration option for Galaxy Tab 4? I am not able to find it under "Sound".

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2015) - Turn Off All Sounds

Disable the power-saving mode. Press the home button and push the volume-down button until the phone is silent. Test if your vibration device works with Vibrate Tester or Vibrator. Uninstall some applications like Light Flow.

If you cannot find "Vibrate" anywhere on the Galaxy Tab 4 even after those tips, then maybe your device need a firmware reflash. Was this helpful? VisiHow welcomes all comments.