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The game then models the spread of the disease in its original country, and then to new countries via land, air, and plane travel. As you play, you tap orange bubbles to represent the spread of the disease within a country, red bubbles to represent the spread of the disease to new countries, and blue bubbles to represent progress on a cure. Red and orange bubbles provide you with DNA points, and blue bubbles prevent work on a cure from speeding up. You also gain DNA points as your disease spreads, and you can use them to evolve new transmission methods, symptoms, and abilities.

Your disease will sometimes also mutate brand new symptoms. The game is free to play on Android and iOS , and there is also an enhanced version called Plague Inc. Evolved for PC.

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The key to beating Plague Inc. You can still win if you go heavy on the symptoms early on, and some symptoms even help spread your disease, but tipping your hand like that gives the scientists of the world a lot more time to find a cure. There's a lot of room for improvisation, and you may enjoy experimenting with other transmission methods, like rodents, especially if you have trouble getting your pathogen into certain areas. The same basic strategies can help you win Plague Inc.

The game can throw some curve balls at you in the form of randomized events, so this is a good way to get a feel for the game and chalk up your first win. The first step is to fire up a brand new game on Bacteria mode and choose normal difficulty. You'll also have to name your disease before you can get started. You can beat Plague Inc. Saudi Arabia is also a good starting country due to its location near the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. More developed nations are tougher nuts to crack, due to the presence of advanced medicine. It may be tempting to start in a location that's hard to spread into, like Greenland, but that also makes for a tougher game.

You can start spending DNA points whenever you want, as long as you spend them on the right things. If you want to skate your way into an easy victory, don't buy symptoms early on, even if they're good at helping the spread of a disease. This will help you fly under the radar.

You can approach this any way you want, but you'll have an excellent chance of winning if you follow this basic buy order:. Sometimes you get lucky, and your disease will randomly evolve a symptom. This gives you a free symptom that you don't have to spend DNA points on, but it also runs counter to the strategy of flying under the radar.

Plague Inc: Tips, Tricks, and Strats for all Plague types (Brutal)

You can roll the dice, or you can play it safe and devolve them as they come. Some symptoms will help the spread of your disease without calling too much attention to the pandemic, so you may want to leave them in place. This is a big chance to take though, so you're usually better off just devolving and taking the free DNA points.

If you're close to total worldwide infection, and you luck into a good symptom, you can consider keeping it.

Plague Inc: How to Beat Bacteria on Normal

Just be ready to pump some extra DNA points into abilities that will slow down progress on the cure if you tip your hand too early. The whole idea behind this strategy is to spread across the whole world, and then strike. So you'll want to keep a close eye on the spread of your disease while popping red and orange bubbles for free DNA points.

Once you infect the final healthy person in the work, it's time to move. Ideally, you'll want to go directly from no symptoms to extremely deadly symptoms. You can choose a symptom and start building as soon as you finish infecting the whole world, but you'll have better luck taking the scientists of the world by surprise if you have enough DNA points to buy all the way to Total Organ Failure all at once. You can start at whichever symptom you like, but some symptoms come with deadlier side-effects than others.

At this point, it's a race between your deadly pandemic and the scientists of the world. As soon as people start dying, countries around the world will start funding research, and you'll notice blue bubbles show up on the map. Pop these bubbles to keep the scientists from speeding up their progress on the cure.

How to Beat Plague Inc.

If you see the research progressing too quickly for comfort, remember that you can evolve some abilities that are capable of stymieing the best efforts of the scientists. Evolve Genetic Hardening early on to slow research progress, or Genetic ReShuffle to increase the amount of research the scientists need to do.

Every time you evolve a new step in Genetic ReShuffle, progress on the cure will drop significantly.

If you made your disease deadly enough, and keep on top of the cure, you'll record your first win in Plague Inc. Share Pin Email. Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. The stealth strategy very viable is a great way to start off playing the game with, but becomes more unrealistic as the diffculty goes up thanks to things like auto-checkups and genetic drift on mega brutal.

The ramp up of cure progression usually comes after lethality has come into play and cure research goes suprisingly slow when you're dealing with infectious but not lethal symptoms and learning to manage the cure instead of trying to control it is a very useful abilitiy when you start getting into the higher difficulties. Originally posted by SlackerBoe:.

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It is definilty always fun to make a lot of camps. With simian though, neuro enhancements and blindness still need to be demutated along with lethal symptoms. Speaking of Colonies: Blindness mixed with neuro symptoms later stages has the chance to trigger the blind genius combo and cause cure research to to speed up. You will most likely end up traveling up the neuro tree when going for the kill with Total Brain Death, so keeping blindness unevolved will effectively keep the combo from ever activating.

That's a screen from my film fanatic acheivement save. The trick or what seems like the trick since I can't find the actual triggers anywhere is to trigger the cure process so that the cure triggers and starts to deploy and then gets interrupted by the "Flu creates planet of the apes" message. It involves purposeful manipulation of the lethal and cure affecting symptoms in order to do and the side effect is a lot of unused points.

If you see the game time in the shot it's 7 , so that total is from about 10 years game time worth of colony bubbles with very minimal spending. Hopefully I'll get the acheivement to trigger soon! Tommie View Profile View Posts. I beat Bacteria on Brutal. Started in Egypt slow progress for first weeks Upgraded transmission for plane and sea transport Egypt has 3 ports.

For maximum killing potential upgrade the right lower branch bloodcells to the third tile keeping right. If you have more DNA to spend either spend it into research or the top left branch of the syptoms. Watch how the bacteria eradicates all infected. By now you should have all countries infected some fully, some not much. Make sure you don't go killing the infected too fast or the less infected countries might eradicate itself.

Currently trying to beat Virus on normal but I keep getting stuck on Canada and Scandinavia: Worked like a charm. No symptoms until everyone is infected i feel is the key for the first win. Originally posted by DarthFader:. Psilio View Profile View Posts. Quoting my recent post from a Virus thread since it's more relevant here: Originally posted by Psilio:.