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BlackBerry Curve 9320 (Curve 7):

This was a device that not only functioned as a telephone but also allowed for the sending and receiving of email and text messages as well as web browsing. Get the best prices of Blackberry mobile phones online on Jumia Nigeria. We have the latest Blackberry like the Priv that comes with Android operating system and other awesome features. There is a large collection of all models of phones for you to make a pick from.

These mobile phones come in various shapes, sizes and colours, all to suit your personal lifestyle. The user interface varies by model; most feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, while newer models have the all new multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. BlackBerry smartphone can shoot videos, take photos, play music, and perform online functions such as web-browsing and emailing, they can also send and receive push email and instant messages. Enjoy blackberry accessories like earphones, cases and covers, replacement batteries and more.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Price in Nigeria – Torch 1

Recover your password. Wednesday, February 20, Forgot your password? The aim of this article is to share their prices to those interested of having an idea of how much a blackberry phone costs in the market. The latest prices would be updated every week. Below are their prices. Franking speaking, the curve 7 is prone to various issues and not strong enough compared with the bold 4. The bold 4 is rugged, strong, battery last longer and also quite durable. I advice you acquire the bold 4. Currently its hard to see the new bold 4 in the market, but the Uk used price of the bold 4 is N11, New curve 7 is N16, Presently the Used Q10 is 35k.

While the Q5 is 27k. Prices are based on only Computer village ikeja pricelist. Pls Larious do you know any shop where I can still get a new bold 5 and how much is presently… Thanks!

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I always recommend Slot outlets around you. The new bold 5 current prices is between the 35k or below. Hello Larious. I wld like to knw what bb devices have hotspot capabalities and their prices and any other important info one has to know before purchase.

Blackberry Z10 in Nigeria for sale | Price for Mobile Phones on

I recommend any bb10 device if you want to use your hotspot on your phone to connect, Because its practically only bb10 devices that allows the use of hotspot with the Glo 1k for 3gb.. I need ur advice. Someone wants to get me a uk used blackberry and is askinf which i want.

Do i go for Z30 , Q10 or Z10? Ps also tell me their prices.

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  • BlackBerry Torch 9810 Price in Nigeria – Torch 2.

Pls I want to buy blackberry,I like bold5 and 4 pls among this two blackberry phone which of them can lastlonger apart from battery issue. Would just advise you based on my personal experience using both the bold 5 and 4. Firstly the bold 4 is old and out fashioned but relatively strong and it can actually last longer than the bold 5, The bold 4 doesnt crash or just die like the bold 5 always do.

The lifespan of the bold 5 is estimated 1 year plus. The bold 4 is way better in terms of last man standing and lasting longer. Larious, pls i want to get uk used bb, Q10 or Z I want you to tell me the difference btw the two. The durability. And the store i can get it in computer village.

Blackberry Torch 9800 Specs

The difference between the Q10 and the Z10 isnt really much, but the Q10 is far better than the Z10 in overall performances and durability. For more info google it. You can get it at slot outlets or any trusted dealer shop. I always recommend buying a uk used battery than a new battery. The uk used battery is far better and stronger than the so called new ones. You can get the used battery at any shop that sells or in computer village ikeja.

The used battery price ranges between N or more. I need to buy blackberry phone for someone between the range of 20k. Pls which type of blackberry should I buy? If your thinking of getting a new blackberry with that amount, am sorry you might not see any to buy. Except uk used blackberry. With your range you can get a uk used torch 3 or a bold 6, 7,.

Hi Larious please where can you recommed for me if i want good uk used phones. Thank you for your valuable comments. Please I would like to know how durable a Bold 7 phone is. My last experience with a Bold 5 was a night mare and I am considering buying a Bold 7. So sorry about that, The bold 5 has been a terror to all blackberry lovers.