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Even after it was all turned off the battery percentage was in free fall, it was like watching a countdown timer, i was about to give up! However as a last resort, I booked an appointment at a genius bar at the Sydney apple store and 20minutes later walked out a happy man. So solution go to your nearest apple store and get them to restore your device with the stable OS they have! A new restore atleast from the genius bar solved all battery, lag, apps shutting down etc etc problems! I had exactly the same symptoms on my 3GS — battery draining silly-quick, warm to the touch etc.

Cheers for the post, I hope my input helps someone experiencing the same things as me! So I have the battery drain problem and some of the slow operating problems as well. I did the upgrade to ios 5 with my phone plugged into my laptop but my laptop gets its internet wirelessly from my router. So I guess that could be the problem? If folks are still having severe battery drain issues I would suggest you stop looking for a magic bullet settings cure and get your phone replaced.

As an example, pulled my phone of the charger at 4: Just turn on airplay mode. This reserve battery very good. Here is the solution that worked for me without turning any option: Charge your iphone but not from pc all night about 12 h and after that use your phone hardly until battery will shut down your phone. And again charge it all night and again… Do it times.

Now i have no problem with battery. I have all options turned on and phone work about 1,5 — 2 days. It,s normal with iphone. Mine is 3gs 16gb. Hope that will help some of you boys and girls: I tried everything — reinstalled 3 times — turned off all location services, icloud, imessages, notifications, wifi sync, brightess, etc, etc.

Made no difference. No plans to turn icloud or imessages back on though. I have selectively tried the above. I am now convinced that local weather finder and iMessage are the culprits. Leaving my phone beside a speaker with these on caused constant interference, as cellular data was being transferred. This seems normal. Lots of SMS today, five phone calls, 2 hours of music etc. I have location services and iCloud turned on. I normally get three days between charges and expect to get that now. My wifi only iPad is not affected.

WiFi sync was the trigger for me, I turned it off and my battery usage was back to normal instantly. The log of data was massive. I shut that off too. Did you check what kind of data was being sent?

It might give a clue about what was going on that drained your battery so fast. The update aims to fix iOS 5 battery problems without modifications of settings, bring multitasking gestures to iPad 1 without the third party […]. At that time, the problem went away after the next ios4 update, so what ever apple devs pooched at that time, they pooched again. I have a 3gs with ios 5. I have tracked it down to being connected to my work email through Exchange Outlook.

Once I deleted that email account. No problems. I might as well cut my phone off. If I follow these tips I should just go back to the old flip phone. Give me a break. I recently bought Iphone 4s and I have the same battery problems. Also I have one other problem which totally pisses me off. Whenever I move to some room where there is no signal for the mobile network and then move to some open space, the signal never comes back.

I have to reboot the phone to get back my signal. I find this really stupid. Does anyone have this problem? Please help me. I have made my own personal guide by reading and adjusting the tweaks on the Internet. This gave me 1 day 6 hours of standby and 6 hours 31min usage time. Complete configuration w. Why twice? We want to make sure that old data is overwritten and deleted completely.

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Heck, do it thrice if it comforts you! Keep notifications for important apps only. My setup: Notification choice: From top: Keep sound for important notifications only. Keep iCloud sync for important content only. Contacts, calender, bookmark, notes, document and data, find my iPhone are synced with iCloud. Everything else — OFF. Keep only important e-mail accounts only.

My drain issue started with the enabling of WiFi sync, and is worst when I am at home where the wifi is. They say that it will only actually sync, when the iphone has external power, and can see wifi… but I think iTunes may be constantly checking with the phone to see if it has power yet… do you have power now? Do you have power now? Once it died, I plugged it in and left. I came back and it is still on the screen with the lightning bolt and red battery, no increase in battery.

Finally found a time to reset network settings. That did part of the trick. Still not back to pre-iOS 5 condition, but better. Every time i send a text or Battery excessive usage just started 6 Jan 12, iOS 5 was installed weeks ago with no issues. First down load works ok, but only for inbox nothing else, sent, draft or folders etc. Delete email account battery usage normal. Any advice? I just found something very interesting: It has been running for a while, too.

So turning that off will definitely improve my battery life. I am trying some of the other tips as well but i know from experience that using the location services is a huge battery drain… need to avoid all unneeded access. Try this!!! I found it helped a little bit, go to Settings - Mail,Contacts,Calendars - Fetch New Data Then turn push- off and fetch to Manual, then down the bottom go into Advanced, click on your email and if its at push or fetch change it to Manual.

I found my phone was constantly checking for new emails every 15 minutes, although the battery is not back to normal I think it helped a little. I had the battery drain issue but I found out there were processes I had left running. Like my games in the background. If I follow this article, I basically have no phone. I can debunk the wifi theory. I upgraded with the USB cable. My phone is slow and has the battery life of the Bahgdad Battery. After upgrading my iPhone, I suddenly had data usage skyrocketing while battery life was dwindling.

I started searching for solutions online, found this article, and made these suggested changes. Now my battery life is better than ever, and my data plan is totally back under control. It is especially helpful having all of these tips organized in one list. This page is now in my favorites for reference. Well, like most of you I have battery issues. So there are huge differences between them.

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Try to note which version of Iphone you have, it would help. I had a 3G before which could stand for 5 days without charging use airplane Mode every nights. For the record my iphone is jailbroken. However in 5. So this might help some of you. Nevertheless, there is a problem that can be fixed only by Apple in this case. It seemed to help for a short time and I could even add back email accounts, but the problem would return in a day or so.

My current solution is to disable wifi and then reboot when I set the phone to charge at night. The recent iOS 5. After following these tips and using my iphone 4s for a few weeks, my battery life has somewhat improved. Have a look at my battery statistics using Battery Logger: I tried all of this, except for Back up and restore and my battery is still draining very fast.

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Seems as though update 5. Mine is intermittant, now i have disabled location services — see what happens. I have 3gs, 5. Now after downgrad to 4. I almost forget the battery couse my stand by is 9 days. How do you downgrade? My I-phone 3GS just started this over the weekend and I think it would do better if I could remove the 5.

Apple died in the 90s. They are designed to fail because it boosts the sale of parts and services which ultimately makes the pockets of CEOs much fatter. Consumers are the ultimate dupes. After my wife already had changed the battery of her iPhone which did not solve the problem, she discovered that is only happend when she was at home. I powered down the router with WIFI, waited 1 minute and powered the router up the problem was solved. If you have a jailbroken unit, try to remove winterboard and activator, this will cause you a drainage of the battery to eventually.

Moreover i turned the wifi off. Give me any sollution plz. Is this issue common or i should change my phone? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Some older Apple iPhone models are experiencing rapid battery draining after iOS 11.4 update

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You're not even remotely neutral. Since when did you become the user counter here? Stop trying to act like you're neutral, it's a pathetic lie. You're literally constantly attacking Android in every article i see you, you're not even remotely neutral. It also seems like a hit a sore spot judging from your reacting, literally telling me to shove something "up my mouth", whatever that means.

If i have to shove Tim Cook's anything up my mouth, then i would need to remove it from your mouth first. It's what most users on this site are incapable of. The comments from both parties are equal on the both sides. I think number of butthurt Apple users are even more here.

You know that Apple will fix the problem soon. But here you have a short term opportunity to throw your hate. How clever! Considering the battery drain problem went on for years after several denials and was only fixed once Apple was exposed; no, I don't know that Apple will fix the problem. We have a saying in our country: Are you dumb, or do you have an answer to my initial question? How many batteries issues can the iPhones have? That shouldn't happen. It's the easiest way to force upgrades on unsuspecting and uninformed users. After that whole battery fiasco, any battery issue may as well be hard coded into iOS updates since we know full well what Apple is ethically capable of now.

And how many are experiencing these issues exactly?

Apple's iOS 5 Update: No Battery Drain Fix? | PCWorld

I have been using iPhone since 3GS yet I have never been effected by one of these extreme battery draining bugs so far. As a developer myself I know there will always be bugs no matter how well you test such complex code and with such huge amount of people using these models especially iPhone 6 even some edge cases will effect many people. It'll get patched in a couple a days. Apple got good history patching bugs so no worries.

But a company that "takes its time and gets it right" in order to produce devices that "just work" and are "buttery smooth" and "bug free" should not have a good history of patching bugs.

Fix Ultrasn0w 1.2 iPhone Battery Issues With SAM Legit Activation In iTunes

Maybe no worries, but that means that a lot of people have been lying for a lot of years. Only diehard Apple trolls would say that. Every software in the world is prone to bugs but it's up to the software maker to fix said bugs. Apple promised to focus on optimizing the software on iOS 12 so only time will tell if it's true.

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Apple iPhone users are up in arms over the way their batteries have been draining rapidly ever since they installed iOS More than 1, comments have been posted on the Apple Communities forum page about this issue. One iPhone 6 user says that since the update, his battery has been draining even when he doesn't use the device. His all-day battery life has been reduced to just a half-day. It seems that most of these complaints are about the battery draining on an Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s , although there are a few posts about the odd iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Other helpful hints include exiting open browser tabs, reducing the number of apps that run in the background, turning off Bluetooth setting when not using a Bluetooth device, and turning off iCloud backup except when actually backing up your phone preferably overnight.

I had the battery draining issue on my iPhone 6s and disabling Wi-Fi, though not an ideal fix, has resolved the issue.