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Take control of a motorcyclist and streak ahead of the traffic on the road.

The whole appeal of Racing Moto is to hit the road at speeds that simply would not be possible in real life. As a motorcyclist, you must swerve to avoid cars and trucks on the road while achieving ever-increasing speeds. The more you accelerate, the more points you will receive, but the greater the hazards of careering along the motorway.

The other vehicles could swerve left or right at any time, so keep an eye on their indicator lights to avoid nasty hazards.

Publisher's Description

Racing Moto is designed to make the most of gameplay on a mobile device. You alter the direction of the motorcyclist by tilting the device, while acceleration is achieved by tapping the screen.

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This is a straightforward and intuitive control system which ensures that the game is easy to jump into and play. In short, any player who wants a simple but challenging game to while away the time will appreciate Racing Moto. View full description. PROS The controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Offers a good challenge despite the straightforward gameplay. CONS Has a large amount of ads.

Download Bike Racing Games for Android - Best Software & Apps

Lacks variety and customisation options. Softonic review Racing Moto is a free game that will turn your mobile device into a bustling motorway.

It provides you with the opportunity to ride on and race with more than ten "superbikes" against computer opponents on various tracks. As a simulator of sorts, it's made to give you an at least reasonably immersive and realistic bike racing experience!

Streak Along the Motorway in Racing Moto

As noted, the game has a handful of bikes and a handful of tracks to race on. Besides just doing individual races, there are events and other challenges you can participate in to spice up your life as a racer a bit. The game's graphics are quite detailed without taxing even older phones, and there's an immersive HUD including a functional rear view mirror.

Top 5 Android Bike Racing Games in 2018

Unfortunately, it's hard to play Real Bike Racing at first due to its controls: Joystick and other hardware compatibility is also fairly low. Worth the time. In spite of problems with the controls, Real Bike Racing comes recommended for anyone looking to do a bit of racing on their phone or tablet. It's reminiscent of Road Rash and other late 90s titles available for the PC, but it's more polished than those and certainly fun to play. Just be willing to take the time to adjust to the controls. What do you think about Real Bike Racing? Do you recommend it?

View full description. CONS Somewhat flimsy controls. Muddy tracks, muddy controls Advertisement.